Principles for consultants

Consultants need to follow a few principles. Here are mine:

Dumb Questions

Do smart people ask dumb questions?

Discover in twos

Acquiring new skills and learning new technologies or platforms is a delicate undertaking - it’s a necessity but also very expensive. My suggestions: Discover in twos.

Devs don't need home automation plattforms

If you know how to write code, you do not need a home automation platform - anything you need, you can build yourself.

How not to: K8S Operators

When running Systems on Kubernetes, we often have to deploy not only application containers but als more complex systems like databases, messaging systems etc. These systems come with a number of idiosyncrasys unbenounced to you at first. Operators have stepped in to address some of these operational challenges. But beware: there are really bad operators out there and here is why.

An indictment of economists and engineers

A piece on moral and software engineering.

A Simple Webservice

We’ll build a simple .NetCore webservice. We’ll discover that when we thought our service was ready, we’ve already missed a lot of vital things necessary for it to be considered production ready!

An Adventure In Microservices

You’re thinking about getting into microservices? I have some hard earned advice for you so you won’t have to repeat them!

Smaller Docker Images

If your executables are 5Mb in size, why would you push an image of >900Mb into production? Our docker images are to big - way to big: Here’s a guide to reducing the size of your docker images!

Libraries vs. Frameworks

Not everything that looks like a library is one! But what’s the difference?